1. Based class with methods of balanced and precise instruction, detailed alignment, breath and fluid movement.

Classes are carefully themed to deepen the students’ experience of Yoga.

A flow of Sun Salutations and postures are skillfully sequenced, and modifications and props are used to individualize the practice for each student.

with Diana Galati

Diana began her yoga journey from the age of fourteen as a practice for inner healing while marrying her practice with daily meditation that changed her way of thinking and managing life situations.  As each day brings new experiences, Diana believes daily mediation is the way to go for inner being.


Learning is a lifelong practice and test g was something unimaginable, however making a difference in ones life is a personal commitment and this is where Diana took on the next step to teaching. 

Diana’s classes are a fruity blend of the groups vibration, mixed with a dash of energy to spice things up and completed with a playful approach for release.  If you’re looking to improve your athletic experience, build endurance and strength or connect to your inner being,  each class offers something different, but yet the same.


Diana is also a Hypnotherapist, Yoga Therapist and Breathworker and so the journey continues.